Own It.

Last night my wife and I went to see Jars of Clay in concert at Bayside church in Sacramento. Brittany has been a fan of the band (literally, her favorite) since she was in middle school and had never seen them live. It was wonderful watching a dream come true. 🙂 P.S. this video makes me giggle.

Before the concert got started, an MC for the night pulled out one of the guys from the band (Steven, see video above) and did a little interview with him talking about how he is starting up college again at APU, or rather how he is actually finishing his degree doing online classes. Apparently he started school and during freshmen year met the other guys from the band and they all dropped out together to do this little music thing and 17 years later was still producing albums and doing concerts. 

During the interview, he said something that really grabbed me. The MC asked him why he was going back to school, what specifically prompted him to do so. Steven talked a little bit about how he wanted to connect the dots on a lot of the things that he had learned and taken time to read about and study in the 17 year academic sabbatical he had taken. He then said that there is something about when you really “know” something versus when you “own” something. Like when you own a really comfortable sweatshirt and can wear it and describe it to anyone going on at length about it and what it means to know it on that level. That was the level of knowledge that he was looking to gain and codify a little bit in regards to himself, his personal worldview and how he interacted with God.

This got me thinking. I could think of lots of things that I “own” in terms of ideas, topics, or even particular subjects. My mind started running down the list of topics that I have to catch myself before I chat someone’s ear off about. Anyone who has hung out with me for awhile can probably tell when I start to monologue because I really care about what I’m talking about. (Warning, electronics, google, video games, board games, d&d, comic books and movies are dangerous topics to get me started on). As I was thinking about this I started thinking about how these are things I care about a lot and have dedicated a lot of time to really gaining “ownership.” It also got me thinking about how much about God I feel I can really “own?” Is it easier to shut me up about things that really matter than over stuff I just enjoy? 

It was a heck of a concert (2 and a half hours of just Jars of Clay) and a great (if not long) ride home with lots to think about.


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