Cultural Intelligence: Beginnings

cultural intelligence I took a class on the nature of relationships in family and youth ministry given that our culture is very focused on digital relationships. It was a fascinating class, which generated some really cool discussions and the readings for the class were topnotch. One book in particular really stood out to me. We had to read Cultural Intelligence by David Livermore for class and in a paper comment on the book’s premise and how it connected with the particular cultural differences inherent in digital interactions. I did read the book, but I did not take the time to really digest it on the level I wanted to and now that the quarter is over I can go back and revisit some of the things that I wanted to dig into more deeply.

One of the things I found most striking about this book in particular was that every chapter included questions for reflection and direct application of the concepts of how we are deepening our understanding of the cultural issues at hand. Since I was reading for basic content and for speed, I did not take the time to really sit and process some of these concepts on a deeper level to really internalize the ideas. Well, now I’ve got some time. So now I’m going to work my way through some of these questions and begin to process the ideas of what it means for me as a Christian and as a minister to enter into relationship and situations with a base assumption that there may be deeper cultural differences than I anticipate.

I thought I’d pull the curtain back a bit and think through that process here as something to hold me accountable to actually doing it and also to invite others into the discussion as I explore what it looks like to consider those who have different experiences than I and how I can really minister in an honest and effective way within an increasingly diverse and multicultural world.


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