Original Sin and Toilet Brushes

2481_toilet-brush-and-holder1This morning I had a surprising epiphany moment as I was getting ready for work. I was wetting my hair and putting gel and stuff in it (since I’m an adult and I have to “do my hair” now!) and Hattie was wandering around my feet while I did this standing in the bathroom. She has started toddling about and it means that she is often getting into places she shouldn’t and she especially loves the bathroom because it’s where tubby time happens. So she was toddling near the shower when I realized that she had ducked behind the toilet and was trying to grab at the toilet brush. I jumped and grabbed her and put her far away from that side of the bathroom while telling her how terrible the toilet brush was and that she didn’t want to touch it because she would get sick. My well reasoned argument seemed to be lost on my daughter and despite how gross I tried to play up that toilet brush, she wanted nothing more than to play with it and as quickly as possible. My back-and-forth picking her up and putting her down outside the bathroom as she tried to get past me and play with the forbidden object was apparently pretty hilarious. Brittany chuckled at our antics and commented how, “forbidden fruit always draws us in.”

That’s when the lightning bolt hit me. I’m trying to tell Hattie how terrible this thing is for her and how it will make her sick, Adam and Evebut she just doesn’t get it or care to follow my instruction and keeps running toward the thing that I want her to stay far away from (for her own benefit too!). How much more so was it like this in Eden when my Heavenly Father sat His children down and told them to stay away from that which would cause them to surely die? Willful and unbelieving of the goodness of their Father, they embraced that which would give them death and just like Hattie running towards a toilet brush, they got sick through their disobedience.

Now a toilet brush may not make us like God, but it’s a fitting temptation for a one year old. Our inexplicable draw to that which brings us death even when warned how dangerous it is for us is something I know is in me as well. How often have I looked at God’s commands as keeping me away from something I think is great and missed the warning away from the toilet brushes in my life.  Gives pretty different perspective when those attractive sins amount to a cleaning device for my toilet.

If I, a simple earthly father, want to keep my beloved child from harming herself in her ignorance, how much more so does our Heavenly Father want to keep us from injuring ourselves with those things in our lives that would drive us from Him and otherwise mess with the full life that He desires for us?

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